Sioux Center Boar Stud

Limit Up
Bred by Joe Eggers
Owned By Craig Benton
Swagged up x Nofare/Lickety 65-3
$100.00 a dose
Limit up is the changer. This guy isn't the best anywhere but truly is the best everywhere. This kind is hard to duplicate. If your priorities are to make them flawless in their skeleton, genuine in their build and as comfortable as you can make one. Look in and give Limit up a try.
Hot Rod
Bred by Joe Eggers
Owned by Craig Benton
Hot route x Black onyx/Warfare
$100.00 a dose
This one has a unique pedigree and a unique look. Hot rod is big backed, big bladed, big boned, super tall fronted and just flat good. If your goal is to make barrows that have the look but have a few extra unique pieces to get you to the backdrop give this one a chance.
Hot Rod x Best Man


See My Point x Just Because
$100.00 a dose
Best Man x Swagd Up x No Mercy
Full Sib to the 2017 FReserve Grand FFA Market Hog Iowa State Fair
$150.00 a dose


Alias 17-2/ Monkey breath x Super Duty/Alias17-2
Owned by Dean Dekkers and Craig Benton
Old school? Definitely. This one runs uphill, is killer built, extra comfortable, has the right amount of muscle and has proven time and time again his ability to pass these traits on. Simply put if you want to make them ultra complete with that look that is hard to duplicate and hard to beat - Sift.
$50.00 a dose

Uncle Vern

Visionary x The Dealer
$50.00 a dose

A Rope A Dope
​Visionary x Gone Viral
​$75.00 a dose

At First Sight

Visionary x tree shaker x super monster
Owned by Bruce Ihnen
$50 a dose


Beyond x Super Monster (dam is littermate to Mile High and 2012 Denver Champ). She also is the dam of Double Nickel. This boar's littermate was the grand cross boar at National Barrow show last fall.
Owned by Bruce Ihnen
$50.00 a dose
Classic Steal
Young Guns x Brotherly Love
owned by Craig Benton
$100.00 a dose
Classic steal was purchased at the Fall Classic. I truly believe this one was one of the best fronted biggest backed ones there. He is loaded with style, muscle and bone. He has awesome rib shape, is athletic, comfortable and has that look that is hard to find. Watch the video and if you want to make showpigs with the right kind of muscle shape, bone and an unbelievable look and like being in the winners circle get in!
Rock Solid
Solid Monster x Botox
Stress Negative
Bred by Michael Hines
Owned by Dan Dreher purchased from Crossroad Genetics
He was originally purchased at Crossbred Classic in 2012. Rock Solid is just like his name implies; he is one massive, stout individual.  He comes at you like a tank and leaves you with the same incredible width of skeleton.  Study this one’s top and he is opened up and square as you will find.  He is absolutely chiseled from his blade to his rump.  This one is deep and dimensional from every aspect you view him and jet level from the side.  Sum him up with bring extra flexible in his stride and ultra-cool in his build.
$50.00 a dose

Wheels Up 1-9
[King Indy x Mount-N-Do]
Bred by Knobloch Family Berks • Owned with Knobloch Family Berks
Wheels Up 1-9 is a new genetic cross for the Berkshire breed. We appreciate the power and stoutness he delivers in a STYLISH and SLEEK DESIGNED profile. This guy is tall-fronted, bold-bladed and high in his head carriage coming at you. He is square on his big boned feet and legs. He is so good in his bone work and has tremendous stride length. We love the look... of this guy going away from you. This guy has us excited as he is the first litter out of a Mount-N-Do x Who Knows What sow from Russell Kneese. She had 13 live pigs in her first litter. Combine her with King Indy and this guy could generate some stylish females with excellent feet and legs. 2nd in Class 1 & 2nd highest selling Berkshire boar at the 2014 World Pork Expo.
​Creature 8-3
Owned by Sheldon Johnson and Brian Ihnen
Creature x Cadillac

FKB3 WalterIMF 21-1
Walter x (Power Up x Lady IMF 124-8)]
Bred by Fly'n K Berkshires •

Out of our most productive Lady IMF daughter to date
Sired by Walter the #4 PORQUE Award winner in 2013
Really good feet and wide spread toes
Level and tall fronted
Excellent breed character

SR-71 Blackbird 3-3
 Whatever It Takes x Big Gulp                        

Reserve Champion and High Selling boar at the Iowa State Fair

Back N Black
Godzilla x Speak Now

FKB5 Tex's Ranger 62-6   $80.00
Tex 2-2 X (Dream Scheme 9-12 x[ Lion Cub 20-3 x Sherman x Lady IMF 124-8])
Bred by Fly'n K Berkshires                                                              
Out of a litter of 14 total born, 13 born alive, -1 transfered, 11 weaned, 187lb 21 day weight
 Stress and Napole Negative 
Tex 2-2 son out of the heaviest 21 day weight we have ever had at FKB
Longer framed with added growth
Out of our best Sherman x Lady IMF sow
Very difficult to design a boar with all the desired Berkshire traits and still is eye appealing and sound as a cat and here he is...
Meat Quality, Breed Character, and Sow Productivity all wrapped in one!

WKF3 Tex 4-5
One of the many meat quality boars in house!

FKB5 Tex's Gold 38-9

Tex 2-2 X (Hostile Takeover x[ Power Up  x Lady IMF 124-8])
Bred by Fly'n K Berkshires                                                                 Out of a litter of 14 total born, 13 born alive, -2 transfered, 9 weaned, 117lb 21 day weight
born 9.13.2015                                                                               Stress and Napole Negative      
The most powerful and correct Tex 2-2 son that we have raised!
Big topped, level, very sound, big spread out even toes
Awesome breed character
Lots of growth (1.79 WDA in a partial slatted finisher with other boars)
Meat quality galore...Tex 2-2, Hostile Takeover, Lady IMF!!!
Good sow productivity
​2016 Hog College Boar
TYK6 Uncaged 13-2
Reg# 137752002 • B.D. 1/25/2016
Sire: BTC4 Uncaged 16-5 X Dam: TYK2 Cleo 9-5


Knight Genetics is proud to have raised the 2016 Berkshire Hog College Boar. TYK6 Uncaged 13-2 comes from a program that in the last 3 years has had as much of an impact within the Berkshire breed as any firm.
What makes Uncaged 13-2 very special is his dam TYK Cleo 9-5, her track record over the last 3 years is as good as any sow within the breed. TRUE POWER SOW THAT GENERATES
Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Gilts 2014 STC the pair of females sells for $11,500 going to Harlan Reid.
2015 STC she raised the $17,000 gilt that sold to the partnership of Heimer/Wolfe and her littermate brother brings $16,000 going to Shipley Swine Genetics
Grand Champion boar 2015 Fall Classic selling for $12,500 going to Crossroads Genetics.
The 13 litter at Knight Genetics is very deep with a littermate brother selling to Lean Value Sires, a littermate sister selling to Hultman & Wall, and was top selling Berkshire for Knight’s in their spring online sale. 3 littermate sisters are in the keeper pen at Knight Genetics.
The sire BTC4 Uncaged 16-5 needs no introduction to the Berkshire breed as he has been the lead Berkshire sire at Top Cut Genetics and has sired numerous Champion and class winners across the country. His influence will be felt for many generations to come not only through great boars like the 2016 Berkshire Hog College boar but the great number of daughters finding their way back to the keeper pens in many programs across the Berkshire breed

FKB5 B787 Dreamliner 89-6
[Dream Scheme 9-12 X (Baxter IMF 9-2 x Hostile Takeover)
Bred by Fly'n K Berkshires • 

FKB5 B777 53-3
[Dream Scheme 9-12 X (Different Strokes x G10 Tex 7-1)]
Bred by Fly'n K Berkshires •                              


Road Trip

Challenger x Royal Flush
Bred By Joe Eggers
Owned by Craig Benton...
$100.00 a dose
Awesome pedigree to back up an incredible red boar.This guys mother is also the mother of Honeymoon and Honeymoons Over. The pieces this one has are very intriguing for one of this color. This guy is so extended, tall fronted, barrow backed, big legged, ultra comfortable, and just way way good. Road trip has tons of potential and excels in several areas where Durocs struggle. If you truly want to take things to a new level give this one a try.
Purebred Hampshire
All Eyes x Home Boy
Purchased at the 2016 WPX
$50.00 a dose
This one has the bone and stoutness we all look for. Awesome build, tall fronted, really extended and just the right look for the times. Square made and flexible off both ends of his skeleton. We feel this one can make a positive influence to the Yorkshire breed!
$50.00 A DOSE

Kum n Go x In Control
This one has the bone and stoutness we all look for. Awesome build, tall fronted, really extended and just the right look for the times. Square made and flexible off both ends of his skeleton. We feel this one can make a positive influence to the Yorkshire breed!
$50.00 A DOSE

Tall shouldered with a great attractive look up front. muscle and rib shape are ideal. He has a great show hog look and is incredibly sound and flexible. out of a bred gilt from Bill Range one of the most influential chester breeders out there!