Sioux Center Boar Stud

Sioux Center Swine A.I.
Sioux Center Swine's primary focus is to provide the highest quality semen product at the lowest cost.  Our normal boar inventory is around 50 boars.  If we don't have the genetics you want, we will make every attempt to get those in house!  We pride ourselves in trying to keep a variety of boars in the stud for all your terminal and maternal needs.
We currently house over 50 boars.  In house are several show pig sires owned by the stud and various other breeders.  Many of these have sired several show winners. We also house many Berkshires, Duroc, Yorkshire, Hamp and Landrace boars.
Along with the purebreds we also house many crossbred boars. 

Sioux Center Swine A.I.


Our normal Boar inventory is 50-60 boars.  We have in house Yorkshire, Duroc, Hamp, Landrace,Berkshire, Chester and crossbred boars. We service both commercial and show herds.
We also custom house and collect a number of show pig sires both purebred and crossbred.
Our custom collection is set up to benefit the owners of the boars that want semen for minimal cost and the overun sold with 50% of the sale going to the boar owner.
At present we have over 20 Berkshire boars.  Many of our Berkshire sires have genetics that will improve your meat quality and production of your herd! We are in close proximity to three packing plants that have niche markets for full Berk and half Berk butcher hogs. 
We offer delivery services within 60 mile radius.
We also ship using UPS.